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Get the Word Out!, Inc. is a grassroots initiative created to have a profound impact on childhood sexual abuse. GWO emphasizes the importance of keeping children safe, increasing their protective factors and nurturing their development.


To create safe spaces where children and teens are empowered to understand the power of their voice and feel comfortable demonstrating ownership of their bodies.


Remove the veil of secrecy around childhood sexual abuse through preventive education, supporting the well-being of survivors and promoting advocacy efforts of allies.

Our Programs 


Get the Word Out, Inc. utilizes a strength-based culturally competent curriculum, Truth to Light, that can be implemented in various settings from academic institutions, nonprofit organizations to juvenile justice settings and faith-based institutions. Truth to light is designed to be facilitated in individual sessions, small groups, large groups and assembly size groups. Truth to Light is a creative and engaging curriculum that employs non-traditional activities to equip children and young people with the necessary tools to realize the power of their voice and understand the importance of body safety. Truth to Light is facilitated in a 10-week session format for individual and group settings and a 90-minute format for assembly settings.


Get the Word Out, Inc. believes that the safety of children and young people is the primary responsibility of the adults in their lives. GWO recognizes the importance of ensuring that those adults are well informed and educated about childhood sexual abuse. Get the Word Out, works diligently to sustain ongoing discussion around keeping children safe and utilizing their strengths to increase their protective factors. Get the Word Out has created a resilience-based model for adults working with children entitled Light work. Light work is an engagement strategy that is presented and demonstrated to adults. Light work is utilized when working with children and young people who have significant adverse childhood experiences and vulnerable dynamics that make them more susceptible to high-risk situations. Get the Word Out facilitates training on LIGHTwork for administrators, teachers, social workers, counselors and professionals working with children and young people LOVE inspire Give heal Teach (LIGHTwork)- for reference this sentence not to be included on website


An ally of survivors is a consistent and strong supporter who is reliable and determined. An ally provides an extension of help and hope for the future to survivors of sexual abuse. Allies understand that there are many paths to healing and are deeply invested in supporting survivors on their journey to recognizing and or regaining their voice and strength.


#NoDIRT is a vocal and freeing mindset for survivors of sexual abuse, a challenge for those who love and support survivors, and a demand of sorts to those who are unsure of where they stand when it comes to sexual abuse. Countless survivors of (child) sexual abuse have endured the absence of truth and the pain of feeling shame, inadequacy, and hopelessness. They’ve expressed being coerced to secrecy and left to cope with the rejection that’s often times associated with sexual abuse. Many survivors have endured blame, judgment, and intimidation from their abuser(s), friends and family, all of which causes the dirt that they’ll work tirelessly to remove. Get the Word Out, Inc. emphasizes #NoDIRT and actively engages in opportunities to bring truth to light, explore complex issues around sexual abuse and empower survivors to live their best lives.


W.E.I.R.D. & Pretty W.E.I.R.D.

Motto: Free 2 B Me

MissionFoster emotional wellness, ignite resilience within young people and support those impacted by bullying.

Vision: Disrupt un-healthy and threatening social norms.

Values: Love Optimism Courage


Wonderful. Extraordinary. Interesting. Rare. Determined.

WEIRD is an anti-bullying initiative that was created to encourage young people to remain true to themselves, accentuate their talents and snub rejection all the while embracing and loving their weirdness. Weird encourages youth who are whimsical, extraordinary, interesting, rare and determined to reject the status quo of adolescent peer culture and embrace their uniqueness.


Truth to Light



No Dirt 


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Get the Word Out, Inc./Founder & Clinical Consultant

Nicole "Vanessa" Jackson a native of Montgomery, AL spent a significant portion of her childhood in Inner City Housing Projects. She is the third oldest of 6 children born to a mother struggling with drug addiction and absent biological father. The environments in which she was raised were filled with drugs, crime, and violence.Vanessa’s childhood involved moving from housing project to housing project until she went to live with a close friend of her mother and her family. Shortly after this close friend’s son was killed by gun violence she went to live with her maternal aunt who would parent her until adulthood.  Within Vanessa’s family was generational poverty, addiction and abuse. As a child she attended public school where she excelled academically. She graduated from Robert E. Lee High School as Senior Class President which resulted in the privilege of conducting the graduation speech. She attended Tuskegee University, a HBCU located in Tuskegee, AL and graduated from Tuskegee University with her BSW, Magna Cum Laude, in 2005. She then left home in the south for the Midwest where she attended the #1 School of Social Work at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, MI. Vanessa completed the advanced standing MSW program and earned her MSW in 2006.

“Bringing truth to light gives power to survivors of sexual abuse, it makes sure #NO-DIRT hinders their dreams or destiny."

In 2006, Vanessa made the decisions to stay in Michigan and begin her professional career. Vanessa's passion for helping children and youth who have experienced trauma, led her to create Behavioral Health Consultants, LLC, a clinical therapy practice that offers specialty treatment services and consultation. Behavioral Health Consultants, LLC was founded in 2013 and has expanded to two offices and three clinicians to date. Vanessa is a well-known.