I SAY! was written by N. Vanessa Jackson to teach kids about the power of their voice and the importance of expressing their thoughts and feelings.


I SAY! encourages children to be confident and independent.

I SAY! is a vibrant and creative approach to building positive self-concept within children.

I SAY! is meant to be a conversation starter between adults and children around physical and emotional boundaries. 

Voice + Empowerment = Confidence


Childhood is sacred, it’s filled with adventure, play and imagination. 

Childhood is where identity takes shape and self-concept is created.


Childhood is a delicate and important time where children need love, validation, structure, and safety.

Childhood must be protected, and all children deserve to feel safe.

No better way to do so than by ensuring young people are empowered and equipped to express themselves and demonstrate ownership of their being.

Join us in fun, reading, and discussion.